Coconut Pancakes

Today is the last day for entries for the very first Breakfast Club, a new event created by myself and Helen of Fuss Free Flavours. The idea is to get bloggers to focus on the first (and some say most important) meal of the day, and to challenge themselves to create more interesting and tasty breakfast. Helen is hosting this month and chose the theme “Asian“.

Her choice was inspired by my Sri Lankan breakfast party, where I cooked egg hoppers for about twelve people. I could have made hoppers again, but I wanted to challenge myself too. I had planned to make sticky rice, but at the last minute I changed my mind and decided to go with another Sri Lankan dish – coconut pancakes.

Usually in Sri Lanka these are not eaten for breakfast. I actually ate them for lunch once, in a small dark restaurant way up in the mountains. It was the day we were due to climb Sri Pada. I had chosen to have a quiet day hanging around our guest house and the very small village we were staying nearby. The village was basically a collection of shops catering to the pilgrims who came to climb the mountain. There were lots of Sri Lankan sweets and snacks on offer, as well as a frightening amount of cheap plastic toys from China, and your usual Buddhist religious iconography.

More out of boredom than hunger, we stopped at another guest house for lunch at around midday. By then we should have been used to the way things work in Sri Lankan restaurants, but for some reason we were still surprised when we’d been sitting there for over an hour and a half with no sign of food. By this time we were starving, and other members of our party had also arrived seeking sustenance. I sipped slowly at a glass of deliciously tart lime juice, hoping to make it last until my food came. Eventually, after an hour and three quarters of waiting, my coconut pancakes arrived. Perhaps they had to grate the coconut while I waited?

Luckily for me, today I had a box of creamed coconut in my cupboard. I have no doubt freshly grated coconut would have been tastier, but the creamed coconut worked well enough. To the coconut I added a little bit of golden syrup and maple syrup in place of the kitul (palm) treacle that would have been used in Sri Lanka, and a couple of ground cloves.


I made a very simple batter for the pancakes, with two eggs, 200 grams of white flour (I used Dove’s Farm ethical flour – they pay a fair price to the farmer for the grain), a pinch of salt, and enough milk to mix it into a thin batter.

To cook pancakes, I always use a little butter for the first one. I use a nonstick frying pan at a medium high heat, add the butter, cook the first pancake, and after that the pan is seasoned and usually doesn’t need any further butter.

coconut pancake

I spread the coconut mixture onto the pancakes and rolled them up.

Two was enough as they are quite rich, and I am not planning on climbing any mountains today!  They were lovely with a bit of lime juice squeezed over them.


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