Barbados dinner

I’m getting rather behind on the blogging again I’m afraid!  Let’s turn the clock back to Taste of London.

I’m rather poor this year so wasn’t planning on going, however at the last minute I received an invitation to attend a dinner at the Barbados tent, with fellow blogger Niamh from Eat Like a Girl.

As I stepped outside my door, I saw a few drops of rain on the ground.  I thought I’d better go inside and grab my umbrella.  I was so glad I did because it was pouring with rain by the time I’d made the 15 minute walk to the middle of Regent’s Park.  This was a shame because we were meant to be eating at lovely tables outside, and when we arrived we were told of the mad scramble to get the tables and chairs back out of the rain.  Instead we were seated on bar stools around the bar, just sheltered from the rain which showed no sign of letting up.  This was a perfectly acceptable arrangement however and made it very easy for the staff to serve.

And serve they did, including copious amounts of alcohol!  We were greeted with a rum cocktail, then moved on to Champagne, white wine, red wine (I didn’t catch the names but they were good), a shot of rum came at some stage during the meal, and then a dessert wine.  All this on a school night too – unfortunately for me I had to go to work the next day!


What with the alcohol, and the passing of time, I have forgotten what was in this soup.  It was really good though.


Next course, ceviche.  I love ceviche in all its limitless variations, so this went down well.


Seared tuna on a bed of lentils.  Slight guilt over the tuna but let’s just imagine it’s sustainable, shall we?  The lentils were everyone’s favourite part of the meal.  Unfortunately they had an ingredient list as long as my arm, and I’ve forgotten most of it.  No recreating that part at home then!


Slightly boring main course for me as I passed on the pork.  But I had seconds of the lentils, so it’s ok.


Dessert was panna cotta.  The jelly on top had another enormous list of ingredients which I suspect included gelatine, but being polite, I ate it.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and a good showcase for the chefs who had come out from Barbados for the festival.  Turns out Barbados is definitely a good holiday destination for the foodie.


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