Courgette tarts – recipe

It’s courgette season, which means time to come up with 101 ways to use the delicious and prolific summer squashes so we don’t get completely sick of them, because we’ll miss them when they’re gone!

I thought I would make some little courgette and goat cheese tarts for a quick summer supper. The days are so hot at the moment it’s all about things that cook in as little time as possible!

Unfortunately this did require turning the oven on, but they did not take long to cook. I bought ready-rolled puff pastry from the supermarket. This is not the weather to make pastry in, and even the ready-rolled stuff was quite difficult to handle in the heat, despite being chilled in the fridge first.

The pictures are from my first batch. I improved them in the second batch but didn’t take any photos.

You need:
Ready rolled puff pastry
Tub of soft goat cheese
Two courgettes
Thyme, and/or oregano – whatever you have fresh and on hand
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

First mix some thyme/oregano and lemon rind into the soft goat cheese (the first time I just sprinkled it on top – mixing it in worked better). Slice the courgettes as finely as possible. You can do this crosswise or lengthwise.

Cut squares of pastry and then scored a line about 2cm in from the edge of the squares and about halfway through the pastry.


Then spread the goat cheese mix on:


Then layer the courgettes on top of the goat cheese. I did one layer in the pictures but I think it works better with two, if you can stop them sliding off the edges. It’s important to keep them within the scored line.

Season, brush with a decent amount of olive oil, then cook in a hot oven until the pastry has puffed up and turned golden brown.


Serve with a salad. It’s also lovely with some parmesan shaved on top.



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