Smoky polenta chips

Another Ottolenghi recipe, this time from his New Vegetarian Guardian column, recipe here.  If I were Yotam Ottolenghi I would possibly think about taking out a restraining order by now, either that or hiring me to do his PR.

Anyway, the polenta chips.  The appeal of these was they involve scamorza cheese, and I had some in the fridge begging to be used up.  I didn’t have any quick polenta, so I use the normal kind, and cheated by cooking it in the microwave in 5 minute bursts, stirring very well in between, until it was cooked (about 20 minutes).  Far better than standing over a hot stove on a very hot day, stirring constantly.  And it didn’t seem to make a difference to the result.

60 grams of semolina and 60 grams of scamorza yielded the amount of chips you see in the picture:


A good amount to share, you would think, but my flatmate only had a couple and I scoffed the rest. Oops. The scamorza did add a lovely smoky flavour, although I’m not sure these were special enough to bother making again. Maybe if I have some more scamorza on my hands.


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