Free Water-Saving Device

I grew up in Canterbury, New Zealand, where water was plentiful, delicious, untreated and free. It came from glaciers, filtered through layers of rock through to artesian wells deep underground. Since then there have been ongoing warnings that the artesian wells are in danger of running dry, and meanwhile a huge increase in dairy farming has led to greater strain on river water and run-off polluting the previously pristine rivers. I read with alarm an article the other day about Government cuts potentially causing deaths due to poor water quality. I find it hard to believe this is the same place I grew up in, things have changed so much just in my lifetime.

Here in London one does hear warnings about reducing water use, but to be honest I don’t pay much heed. I don’t leave the tap running when I brush my teeth, and that’s my lip service to water conservation. Oh, and doing my washing with Eco Balls on the 30-minute cycle – actually, that saves a lot of water. But my motivation to use the eco balls came more from wanting to cut down on chemicals and time than actually saving water.

I really do take water for granted.

Then this morning, I read this article by Lucy Siegle: Can I Use Water And Be Green? I realised I’m really not doing enough to save water. Then while googling ways to save water, I discovered a really easy and FREE way to save water in your toilet cistern. Of course, if you have a brick on hand, just chuck one in there and you’re done. But living in a fifth-floor London flat there aren’t any bricks around. Enter Thames Water: they are giving away water saving devices to anyone who lives in the UK. Thames Water customers can order up to 50 free devices and other UK residents can order one each.

Click the link, and do it now!

6 thoughts on “Free Water-Saving Device

  1. I have also heard of people using a full plastic bottle instead of a brick – obviously the water in the bottle will stagnate but it’ll happily sit in the cistern for a long time. 🙂

  2. I have had a hippo for ages.

    When I am on my own in the flat I tend not to flush the loo after every wee anyway. Then I forget when people come round.

    I now water my herbs in the morning with the water that has been sitting in the kettle all night and fill it again for the other window boxes. No point in letting running the tap down the sink waiting for the fresh water to come through.

  3. it’s wonderful that you are doing more to help conserve water!! I’ve got a large mason jar in my toilet tank, it’s filled with water (of course) so it doesn’t tip over, and saves about 1.5 litres of water per flush. jars are usually easier to find than bricks, and much lighter!

  4. I think sadly, like you growing up in NZ, that people here see it raining all the time and just take water for granted. I’ve been water conscious for years, although it’s only in the last 5 or so that I’ve become a bit more extreme. So any promotion you can do has got to be a good thing.

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