Breakfast Club #2: Eggs

Breakfast Club: Because breakfast should be more interesting than tea & toast or coffee & cereal.

Sorry I’m a bit late posting this roundup, I’ve been away at Camp Bestival. But more on that later.

We had some really creative entries this month.

Janet from the taste space made Syrian Eggs Scrambled with Rhubarb. I had no idea rhubarb was an ingredient in Syrian cooking, though not knowing much about Syrian cooking that’s not surprising I suppose! It’s got me wanting to learn more.


Akheela from Torviewtoronto made an Omelette with vegetables


Sandra from gesund geniessen made an egg frittata with spinach and smoked salmon. You really can’t go wrong with spinach and smoked salmon!

egg frittata

Lizzie from Grub du Jour made a sunshine breakfast pizza. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of egg on pizza but so many people tell me it’s good that I think I should probably believe you and try it for myself.

Sunshine Breakfast Pizza

Denise from Oh Taste n See made Baked Eggs Florentine. It’s good to see a few of the entries making use of yummy in-season spinach.


Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe came in with the only egg substitute recipe with her Eggs Faux Young Scramble. It looks delicious and I am impressed by how eggy it looks!

tofu omelette-5

Sudha from Malaysian Delicacies had the most decadent entry with her Petite Rose Cakes. I’m not sure I could handle eating one for breakfast but for tea they’d be lovely.

petite sponge 005

I did actually make something myself but didn’t blog it in time so I’ll just post a picture here:


Huevos Rancheros. They were delicious, except I got a bit chilli-happy with the sauce. You know how it goes: “Hmm, not hot enough yet, I’ll add a bit more chilli. No, I think it needs just a bit more. Oh, how about I just add a big spoonful of chilli powder. Oops!”

I think this month’s entries really showed the versatility of eggs and how they are used in many different cultures. Thanks everyone for entering.

Helen has now announced Breakfast Club #3 and the theme is Muffins.

Here’s a reminder of what you have to do:

Make breakfast inspired by the month’s theme, write about it (please include a link in your post to both hosts’ announcement or blog)

Mail the host for the month, (helen at fussfreeflavours dot com) with a link to your post, name of your blog and a photo (or link to your photo) by 6pm (UK time) on the 5th September.

If you do not have a blog send a recipe and photo to the month’s host who will include it in the round up.

Tell everyone – let’s inspire each other to make more interesting breakfasts.

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