Sumac-spiced aubergine schnitzel

A few months ago I impulse-bought some sumac, and then completely forgot to do anything with it. I’ll freely admit that I’d never used it before and although I really liked the smell, I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

So I did a bit of googling and found a recipe for sumac-spiced aubergine schnitzel, from (of all places) the Daily Mail.

I like aubergine, and I like pretty much anything coated in breadcrumbs and fried, so I was definitely already onto a winner here.

But when those breadcrumbs are combined with lemon rind, aged Parmesan, sumac, mint and parsley, it elevated the dish to something truly delicious.


I’d let the aubergine get a little old and wrinkly, so the outside slices (with the most skin) were a little tough to eat, but the inside slices were still good.


This was a bottom-of-the-fridge exercise but I ate it with some slightly wrinkled (and none the worse for it) cherry tomatoes, and some very spicy baby greens from my balcony. Those greens (mustard, rocket, mizuna etc) were so spicy they needed absolutely no dressing.

This one’s going into regular rotation, I think. The problem on the blogging front is I have so many recipes in regular rotation that it can be hard to try something new. Every time I get my veg box I look inside and think “cauliflower, that’ll do for the Ottolenghi cauliflower fritters. Cabbage can go into Parmesan skin soup. Cavalo nero – woohoo! I get to make tagliatelle with cavalo nero again! Potatoes – I’ll make another tortilla and I’ll use the rest to make some smoked mackerel fishcakes”. I’m stuck in a rut. It’s a rut of utter deliciousness. The changing seasons just give me a chance to make old favourites again.

Then again, there are some things I make all the time that I’ve never blogged. The fishcakes, for example, which I make constantly. Stay tuned for my next post, I’m finally going to blog my favourite summer dessert.


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