Beetroot Chocolate Brownies

I’ve just come back from a trip to Sweden.  More on that very soon.  While I wait for my pictures to upload, I’ll tell you about the beetroot chocolate brownies I made last week.

Two things happened:

1. I got my veg box from Riverford.  Now, the previous week I had received plenty of beetroot.  I like to grate beetroot and put it with some quinoa, salad leaves, smoked mackerel and toasted seeds for a wonderful superfood lunch.  So I saved some of the beetroot for the next week.  Unfortunately I wasn’t to know they had substituted the sweetcorn I was expecting with more beetroot.  So I had a beetroot glut to deal with.

2.  We had a coeliac visitor staying.

I remembered seeing a recipe from Riverford for beetroot chocolate brownies, so I looked it up.  Upon reading it I realised it could very easily be made gluten free, as only the baking powder called for in the recipe contained gluten.  Baking powder doesn’t need to contain gluten, the active ingredients are baking soda and cream of tartar, however these ingredients are usually combined with starch such as cornflour or potato starch.  Luckily, I had baking soda and cream of tartar in the cupboard.  If you don’t have cream of tartar you could always use a little vinegar.  I used about a quarter of a teaspoon of each.


The brownies were delicious, no one thought they tasted gluten free and the texture was great.  Not up there with my favourite brownie recipe, but good all the same.  Our guests even took some to eat on the way back to Italy.

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