Fairy Hobmother

Yesterday my stick blender died. It was one of two stick blenders in this flat when I moved in, and now I’ve killed both of them. The motor’s borked. Luckily, a few days ago I received a visit from the Fairy Hobmother, who has been flitting around the blogs granting people’s appliance wishes.

The Fairy Hobmother is in fact Ian Goodall from Appliances Online, who sell cookers and other white goods. It’s a brilliant exercise in search engine optimisation, but also a very charming one!

The Fairy Hobmother has granted me an Amazon voucher, which I intend to put towards a new stick blender – I say put towards because clearly I am in need of a heavy-duty bells and whistles ice crushing type blender, having gone through two of the cheaper kind in as many years. If you are lucky he (and who says boys can’t be fairies?) may give you an appliance. Who knows, if you comment on this post you may be visited by the fairy yourself!

So comment if you like and let me know what appliance you’d most like. Any thoughts on stick blenders (recommendations, and blenders with/without bells and whistles) would also be gratefully received!

Event Diary

I’ve been a bit slack with the promised updates, but here are some upcoming events you may be interested in:

The History and Heritage Adult Learning Network has some interesting events coming up as part of Past Caring: A Celebration of Food in History.

I’m going to the Spices, Food and Trade talk at the Wellcome library tomorrow.

Next week, on Tuesday 17th Riverford are hosting an evening of dinner and discussion around how to feed 9 billion people – the predicted world population in 2050. £40 per person, to book call 01803 762074.

Ethical Eats are organising a Restaurant Ramble (progressive dinner) around Soho and Hoxton on 26th May.

All of the restaurants are interested in sustainability and serve only veggie and vegan food. Tickets are £45 (including drinks). I went to the last one and it was good fun.