Fairy Hobmother

Yesterday my stick blender died. It was one of two stick blenders in this flat when I moved in, and now I’ve killed both of them. The motor’s borked. Luckily, a few days ago I received a visit from the Fairy Hobmother, who has been flitting around the blogs granting people’s appliance wishes.

The Fairy Hobmother is in fact Ian Goodall from Appliances Online, who sell cookers and other white goods. It’s a brilliant exercise in search engine optimisation, but also a very charming one!

The Fairy Hobmother has granted me an Amazon voucher, which I intend to put towards a new stick blender – I say put towards because clearly I am in need of a heavy-duty bells and whistles ice crushing type blender, having gone through two of the cheaper kind in as many years. If you are lucky he (and who says boys can’t be fairies?) may give you an appliance. Who knows, if you comment on this post you may be visited by the fairy yourself!

So comment if you like and let me know what appliance you’d most like. Any thoughts on stick blenders (recommendations, and blenders with/without bells and whistles) would also be gratefully received!


15 thoughts on “Fairy Hobmother

  1. Heh. A visit from a Fairy Hobmother would probably have to involve getting someone in to help me make room for any new appliance! My absolute favourite of what I’ve got is probably my rechargeable cordless mixer – it has four different mixing attachments, and has survived about 20 years, thanks to the Black & Decker shop which used to be on Holloway Road, who fitted it with a new battery about 10 years ago. I dread *that* dying! As to new appliances … the one I’d like, if I had space, would be a breadmaker, though.

    • Space is always the issue in London… you could always go for a replacement of something you already have! But although the door’s about to break on my cooker I don’t want a new one as this one cooks bread so brilliantly (apparently you can get replacement doors/handles, I have to look into it). That’s why a multitasker like a stick blender is so important to me. I don’t have room for a full-size food processor or mixer. Breadmaker is my hands, and the kitchen table.

  2. I would love the fairy hobfather to grant me the wish of a new food processor. After I bought my first one ever (after 40 years of cooking!) two years ago I couldn’t believe I had done without one for so long. It shredded (perfect carotte rappe) juiced (marmalade) blended (holandaise) and did all the basic stuff too… Until the motor burned out. Like your stick blender I think I need heavy duty kitchen equipment

  3. That is sooooooo cool. I actually killed our stick blender the other day when the cord got dragged in the path of the (gas) hob. (I mostly feel grateful that noone was injured!) I thought with the Magimix, I wouldn’t want the stick blender, but actually, I really missed it the last time I was blending a soup and know I’ll miss it tomorrow when I’m making a large batch of salsa! It’s probably the only appliance we don’t have at the moment!

  4. I am lucky enough to have a Vitamix blender and it is a fabulous workhorse. I highly recommend asking the Fairy Hobmother for one of them. As for stick blenders, i love mine, a Williams- Sonoma model, and I hope I don’t burn out the motor anytime soon, as I am still paying for the Vitamix. Do get the industrial motel stick. Sounds like you are a heavy duty chef!!

    • Good to know! I settled on a Kenwood in the end, more or less the same as yours – I decided I didn’t need the whisk though and got one that came with a chopper and a beaker. I have an electric beater that does egg whites and cream satisfactorily.

  5. My dream item would be a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer I have always wanted one and now we have room I have no money 😦 oh well I have a mixing bowl and plenty of wooden spoons and it keeps you fit so I cant complain really.

  6. How fun!

    The Fairy Hobmother sounds like a dream come true!

    I really wish she/he could bring New Mexico some rain, though
    It hasn’t rained in a year and we’re so dry and the fires are burning all over the state.
    We are all doing our Rain Dances, but nothing’s working.
    Please Fairy Hobmother….a little rain, please?

    But if I have to choose an appliance, I’d go for something to mix up the tastiest
    Margaritas ever! With this 100 degree heat and no rain…ice cold margaritas
    sure would hit the spot!


  7. Wow! The Fairy Hobmother sure is getting around! :o) I found you through another’s blog and hers through another’s blog… so if you think about it…the Fairy Hobmother is playing a fun part of meeting other bloggers :o)

    …so many things to choose from Appliances Online…hm…maybe an icecream maker…especially during these hot, steamy days in Savannah, Georgia!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  8. I’ve been wanting a washer and dryer forever so I don’t have to haul all of my laundry up and down the stairs all the time in 100 degree weather. I love the idea of this, such a generous person.

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