Things I haven’t blogged

Sometimes it’s nice not to blog things. To go to a good restaurant and eat an amazing dinner, and not take pictures of every course. To bake something without getting flour all over my camera. And when you blog for work, which is a pleasure, sometimes blogging for pleasure can feel a bit more like… work.

Recently I’ve started collecting things to blog again. I’ll start with something not-so-recent, another Ottolenghi gem, stuffed onions: (link is to the original Guardian recipe which is the same as in the book, Plenty)


My Riverford veg man, Paul, had raved about these to me a couple of times and I finally got around to trying them when I made lunch for a friend.


They were as delicious as they are beautiful. The innards of the onions were cooked with the leftover vegetable stock and wine from the recipe to become a lovely onion soup, too. These are going on the list of Christmas vegetarian alternatives. I always liked the stuffing more than the turkey.

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