Eden Project

On our trip to Cornwall we also went to the Eden Project, which was amazing and definitely lived up to everyone’s recommendations.

The main cafe was hit by the flooding in Cornwall last November, so they’ve completely redone it and it’s a really interesting concept:


I had a really nice soup and bread, which was enough to fill me up for lunch. Which brings me to my only gripe about the place: most of the mains were enormous. Healthy and packed with vegetables, but enormous. For a family place I’m not sure what you’d give the kids that they wouldn’t leave 2/3 of on their plates. And then there were the desserts.


I don’t think this photo even properly shows the scale of the Victoria sponge. My Dad has no self control when it comes to sweet things so took one enormous slice of Victoria sponge and then grabbed a giant scone as well! Needless to say he ended up regretting it.


All of the food was real food, the baking all done on site with quality ingredients, which is fantastic. I just wish they’d get their portion size under control.



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