Dove’s Farm cereal bars

Dove's Farm cereal bars

A few weeks ago Dove’s Farm asked me if I wanted some of their new cereal bars and flapjacks for review. I’m a big fan of their flours so I said yes, and five boxes of their new products arrived at my door:

  • Apple & sultana flapjacks
  • Banana, mango and Brazil nut cereal bar
  • Butter flapjack
  • Crispy chocolate & rice bar
  • Sultana, apricot & apple cereal bars

Out of the five, the banana, mango and Brazil nut bar was my favourite, which was quite surprising as I’m not the biggest banana fan in the world.  The flapjacks are probably best for people with a sweet tooth – the apple & sultana flapjacks in particular were very sweet.  The crispy chocolate & rice bar was a good treat, delivering a proper dark chocolatey hit.

I think these bars would make a great school lunchbox treat for anyone who wants to give their kids real food.  Although they’re definitely good for a grown-up energy-boosting snack too!


One thought on “Dove’s Farm cereal bars

  1. wish we could get these in NZ they sound much nicer than what’s on offer currently – perhaps I could be their Nz distributor!!

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