Watch this space


A few weeks ago I took possession of a small plot on a new community garden on my estate.  As you can see, not much growing yet, but it’s coming along!

I’m really enjoying the other aspects of it too – the real sense of community that it brings.  This is a large, inner-city council estate.  It is very diverse and that is reflected in the makeup of our club – we have 26 members from 11 different countries.  I’ve lived here for three years without knowing anyone except my next door neighbours.  Now I know loads of people!  Yesterday a neighbour knocked on my door and gave me some onion sets.  Last weekend I was guerilla gardening outside my building and another neighbour introduced himself and  joined in – so I knocked on the door of yet another neighbour to borrow a fork for him to use.  I now bump into people I know on the street, and it’s lovely.

Now I just need the food to start growing….


2 thoughts on “Watch this space

  1. that so awesome, congrats on your little garden plot! And it sounds like it’s already paying off hugely in building a sense of community, which is amazing. Looking forward to seeing what you grow!

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