Dinner by Heston

I had a birthday a week or so ago, and my lovely friend Steph accompanied me to Dinner by Heston.


Steph had the meat fruit!  In case you’ve been living under a rock, this is actually chicken liver parfait encased in a mandarin jelly.


Hay smoked mackerel for me.  It was delicately flavoured and the gentleman’s relish was perfect.  I think this was my favourite dish.


For mains I had the roast turbot with leaf chicory and cockle ketchup.  The chicory was quite bitter and chard-like in flavour, while the cockle ketchup was lovely and tangy.  I really liked the way the flavours were balanced.  It was quite salty but I love salt!


Steph had A Made Dish of Parmesan. This had a quail’s egg encased on a Parmesan crust, a bit like a vegetarian Scotch Egg. There was a lot of smoked cauliflower, maybe a bit too much for Steph to manage!


We had a side of fries and some green beans and shallots (they looked like green beans and shallots). The fries were perfectly cooked, although I couldn’t help wishing they were the slightly chunkier triple cooked chips that came with some of the meat options. We saw them coming out and they looked like chip Nirvana.

I ought to have taken a photo of the view. Our table was right by the window, looking out over Hyde Park. It was right before the current heatwave hit, but there were plenty of people out and about, running or riding horses.

And now for confession time:


I didn’t like the brown bread ice cream. This came with “Salted butter caramel, pear & malted yeast syrup”. The ice cream had some syrup drizzled over it as you can see, then it was on a biscuit base that was on top of a fudgy layer. Cubes of pear and toasted bread were dotted around the edge. It was this bottom layer I struggled with – was this the salted butter caramel or the malted yeast syrup? It tasted quite malty and yeasty, like the malted barley syrup I put in my Borodinsky bread. After eating half I abandoned it and just finished the ice cream.


Steph won the dessert round with a seasonal rhubarb confection of poached rhubarb and rhubarb sorbet (I think – I ought to have taken a picture of the menu). It was so good – the texture of the rhubarb was perfect, nice and firm and not sloppy like rhubarb often goes.

The table next door to us had the rather theatrical experience of ice cream being made at their table, with plenty of liquid nitrogen deployed:


We were brought little pots of earl grey chocolate, which I forgot to photograph, probably because they tasted so good. Milk chocolately and creamy, with that lovely earl grey flavour – I’m not usually a milk chocolate person but it does go with earl grey so well. It pretty much tipped me over the edge into food coma territory though – it was time to go home for a nap.

It was a really fantastic meal. Service was friendly and relaxed, not at all stuffy. By the time we left we realised we had been there for three hours, but it flew by. A wonderful way to spend my birthday!