Billingsgate Barbecue

Something I didn’t mention in my last post is that my classmate Alex is a chef. While we were at the market he bought ten mackerel and a few squid, and we all went back to his place for a barbecue – picking up a few bottles of Chapeldown Flint Dry on the way.

It was early to start drinking but we’d already been up for hours, and it was a beautiful warm sunny day. Alex busied himself in the kitchen, we drank wine in the garden outside, and soon we had a delicious lunch – I have to say it ranks up there with my favourite meals ever.

Taking the bone out of the squid

Alex preparing the squid

Vegetables ready to be cooked, and tabbouleh ready to be eaten.

Squid and courgettes on the barbecue.

The cooked squid – delicious.

The cooked courgettes and asparagus.

Mackerel cooking on the barbecue. Alex has kindly agreed to share the recipe:

Chermoula (North African marinade for fish but good for veg too!)

1 large bunch of parsley (finely chopped)
1 large bunch of coriander (finely chopped)
garlic (crushed) probably 3-6 cloves depending on taste (I’d sway to high end)
1 tbsp cumin
1 tbsp sweet paprika
1 tbsp hot paprika
A good dollop of harissa or a few chillis (finely chopped)
Juice and zest of a few lemons
Olive oil
S & P to taste (although of course we all eat no salt because it’s a public health nightmare) [ed – typical food policy student talk!]

Can whack it all in a processor and it is easier but I like the manual way: get everything real fine and add oil till you get a good pastey consistency. Add the lemon juice last so you can taste how lemony you want it. Season to taste, adjust garlic chilli to taste although of course will be less strong once cooked.

The finished mackerel, served with baba ghanoush made with an aubergine we barbecued earlier.

Now I’m having a little taste memory…. mmmmm.


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