London Gin Club

I love London. I also love gin. So it stands to reason that I was probably going to love the London Gin Club.


The London Gin Club is based at the Star at Night on Great Chapel Street in Soho. I was invited to their press night a couple of weeks ago, where we got very merry sampling eight different gins, served in a balloon glass with Fever Tree tonic. There are over forty gins on the gin and tonic menu, and I really like that they’ve matched each of the gins with a different garnish, informed by the botanicals in the gin.

Bloom gin was garnished with strawberry.

Hendrick’s with cucumber and strawberry.

My favourite was the Tanqueray Rangpur, with Sicilian olive and basil, although I really liked Gilpin’s with lemon and sage too. In fact they were all delicious! Sacred gin was garnished with grapefruit and rosemary, and very tasty. We also drank Tanqueray 10 with orange and watercress, and No 3 with Sicilian olive and lime peel.


The ‘Gin Jaunts’ tasting menu offers four different G & Ts served at the same time, so you can taste them alongside each other and compare. Members of the club get these for £18 – and membership is free.

It’s a table service bar but the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.  They also have some tasty food options to help soak up all that alcohol.

The Star seems to have become my new regular watering hole now so I’m sure I’ll get through all of their gins eventually!


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