July harvest

As we all know, the weather’s been dreadful, but I’ve been slowly harvesting a few things from my little plot.  While my herbs have all rotted in the ground and my tomatoes are only just flowering, I’ve been harvesting a lot of baby salad leaves.  There are also a lot of baby nettle leaves in my salad bed, so I’m harvesting with care!


Current state of the plot.  The borage got so big I had to pull one plant out.  There’s still enough left for the bees, who are my constant visitors on the plot.  Still trying to convince other plotholders that bees are good, especially if they want tomatoes this year.


Mackerel with sorrel sauce, new potatoes and baby leaf salad.


A basket of produce I put together very quickly to go on show at a local Family Fun Day.

My spring onions were finally ready for picking around midsummer.  I swear they had more flavour than supermarket spring onions.  Here they are on top of some black pepper tofu.


Courgette flowers, stuffed with ricotta, basil and mint and served on more home grown salad.


Salad is one thing I’ve got a lot of.  The snails and slugs seem to be leaving it alone, thank goodness.  I’m growing so many different leaves – red mustard, green mustard, mizuna, rocket, cos lettuce, red lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, land cress, orache, perilla, and then there’s nasturtium leaves and flowers, and borage flowers (they taste like cucumber), and some tiny radishes (I gave up on them getting any bigger before going woody).  Dressed simply with good olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

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