Crawfish boil

You all know how I feel about cupcakes (which admission nearly prompted Lady Loves Cake to disown me as a friend) .  But when American cupcake pushers Bea’s of Bloomsbury announced their summer popup Crawfish Boil, now that was something I felt I could get on board with.

So along with the aforementioned Lady Loves Cake and two blogless friends, we booked tickets for last Thursday night at Bea’s Maltby Street Market diner. Pre-warned to come in our eating clothes (“clothes you can burn afterwards”), we arrived to find the room set with long trestle tables covered in paper, with big rolls of kitchen paper on the end of each table, and a bib each. It set the scene for some serious eating.


The “crawfish” in question (in the States this refers to freshwater crayfish) are American Signal Crayfish. These were introduced here in the 1970s to deal with over-trapping and declining numbers of native crayfish. They were intended to be farmed, but found their way into the waterways and the bottom fell out of the farming industry. The American invaders are outcompeting the native crayfish, creating an environmental own goal for the UK government.

The crawfish were supplied by Crayfish Bob, who has the fantastic mission to go out of business due to lack of stock. It was clearly my patriotic duty to rid our waterways of as many of these critters as possible!

Tray upon tray of crayfish, sweetcorn, sausages, and potatoes arrived at our table, and we gobbled them up as quickly as we could, accompanies by garlic bread and tasty sauces and dips.


There were margaritas and strawberry lemonade to wash it all down with.

Our cute little crawfish friends… yum! (apparently the bigger ones get exported to Scandinavia, but it’s important to eat the little ones too in order to stop the destruction they cause)

I really took my duty very seriously. The body count was high…

All you can eat crawfish, sweetcorn, and garlic bread… it really was a fantastic evening and I have never had so much fun saving the environment.

Bea’s Crawfish Boil is on Thursday nights until September 14. All you can eat for £24, bookings here.


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