Food Waste Challenge

Over the next two weeks, Recycle for London are running a food waste challenge. Being a slightly competitive individual (I’m sure my family and friends are chuckling at the understatement there), I couldn’t help but sign up.

The challenge runs over two weeks and started yesterday. All I have to do for the first week is to record all of the food I throw away. In terms of what to count as waste, the instructions are:

* Don’t include the stuff that you would never eat. For example: meat and fish bones, egg shells, banana skins, orange peel, tea leaves, tea bags, coffee grinds, pineapple peel

* Do include everything else. For example: apple peel, potato peel, bread crusts, fish skin etc

Now my big disclosure here has to be that I have already had the Love Food Hate Waste training, so I should be a pro at this. It will be very embarrassing if I fail…

Yesterday I only ate one meal. I went along to the Scandilicious Killing Lunch to celebrate the start of the third season of The Killing yesterday. We were instructed to wear our best jumpers, and it was fun to see the other Lund-alikes in the room:

(I knitted my jumper myself!)

The food was delicious, and mostly served family-style. This makes it easy to only take what you need to eat. Only there was a slight problem for me – as I don’t eat meat, I was given my own plate of pearl barley and herring. I was still eating long after everyone else had finished but I was so determined not to waste any.

Here’s what I ate:








Sorry about the bad dessert photo, we were losing the light by that point. I forgot to take a photo of the empty plate but you can safely assume I finished it all.

Thanks Sig for a wonderful afternoon, I think Scandi food has some powerful mood-altering properties! It was lovely to meet a whole bunch of Killing anoraks and a great prelude to the excitement of the third series starting.

Who else is doing the Food Waste Challenge? Are there any other Killing fans here?


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