Christmas baking for busy people


(yes, the cake is sitting on a radiator – at this time of year, it’s the only place I could find enough light!)

Usually I make my Christmas cake in October.  I’ve been very busy this year so unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Luckily Waitrose came to the rescue with one of their Christmas cake kits, available for £10.

The kit is great for busy people like me. Yesterday I had an after work meeting, but managed to put the ingredients together (the fruit is pre-soaked in brandy), get the cake in the oven, do the other things on my list and take the cake out by bedtime.  This morning I managed to get up and ice it in time to make my 8am Pilates class.

I took it to work to gauge my team’s opinions. It rated an average of 4 out of 5. Opinions differed as to whether it had too many cherries, not enough cherries, too much marzipan, or not enough! I find people have very set ideas on how a Christmas cake should be but this cake was a fairly good compromise for everyone.  They all liked how it was presented – I followed the instructions for decorating it, and putting the little silver balls on top was the fussiest part of the whole process!

If you’re like me and haven’t started your Christmas baking yet I can recommend this kit.  I imagine it would be even better with a few weeks to age and maybe fed with a bit more brandy every now and then.

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