Stir it up – Mel does pudding

I managed to double-book myself for Stir Up Sunday, so I outsourced my Christmas baking and the write-up to my lovely flatmate Mel.  Thanks to Waitrose for the ingredients, and thank you so much Mel for jumping into the blogging hotseat! You did a great job.

Every year since I can remember, friends or family have always given a Christmas pudding to my family. Every year except one, where my Mother and I set about making one for each of my aunts. Today, with huge thanks to Sarah and a wonderful set of ingredients, I got the chance to partake in all the stirring, wishing and steaming that comes with making a Christmas pudding again. 


There is something incredibly calming about spending most of a Sunday making a Christmas pudding. I don’t remember it being so calming when I was about 7 and my mother and I had about 5 of them on the go (sisters, sister in law)- a lot of wishing happened that day, mainly involving my not having to do all the washing up.


I was never much involved in the soaking of the fruits part of the pudding making all those years ago, but today it quickly became my favourite part. The combined smells of orange zest and brandy soaked fruit are better than anything I can think of, to get you in the spirit of the season.

When it got to the point of stirring, a very good friend of mine had dropped in for tea and cake (making pudding is thirsty work). This meant I could share some wishes, and a little of the infectious orange zesty seasonal cheer (read: brandy).


After the final mixing, my friend and I, managed to get the pudding steaming, and didn’t let the lack of kitchen string keep us down – you may notice some rather fetching Waitrose green ribbon featuring in some of these pictures, keeping everything together.

All in all, after happily keeping an eye on the pudding steaming for the next 6 hours (between bouts of laundry and catching up with family), I think everything worked out well. I have set the finished product aside tonight to cool, and perhaps I might find some willing volunteers to try it out.


3 thoughts on “Stir it up – Mel does pudding

  1. I’m glad you asked! I had a little dilemma when it came to adding money, I had friends who always added it and then my family and my closest friend never did- in a bid to rekindle those childhood memories with my mother, I left the money out.

  2. Oddly, I noted that you have this under Humiliation . Odd, because I don’t find that dirkning my wife’s pee is humiliating at all; it’s just a HUGE turn-on (for me). The first time I asked her, she thought I was nuts. After a few attempts to convince her, she decided to give it a try but couldn’t let go. Finally, after I don’t know how many weeks of my begging, she tried again, and did it. I was freaking out, it was so amazing. We did it a few times more, and I loved it every time. Then one day, she flipped out and went back to thinking I was nuts. And that was the end of that. Sigh.

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