Christmas food and wine matching

To round off my trio of Waitrose Christmas posts, Waitrose sent me a handy list of wine matching suggestions for all of their Christmas food.

We decided to give the tool a go, and tried a selection of their canapés with the suggested Christmassy twist on a Bellini – adding sloe gin to Prosecco, which I’d never thought of before.  It worked very well.  I made the sloe gin in September 2011.  I made three bottles, and have drunk one each year since.  The flavour has become more complex and mellow over time.  I opened the third bottle to make the Christmas Bellini and oh! It’s heavenly.  I intended to make more every year so I’d have a constant supply of aged sloe gin, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened – I must rectify this in the future.  The canapés were also lovely – I picked a selection from those available at the Finchley Road branch including crostini, filo tartlets, and we particularly liked the mini cheese soufflés.


There are plenty of other suggestions in the guide, which you can find here.  I really want to try the nut roast Wellington now, they don’t stock it at Finchley Road so I’ll have to track it down.  While browsing the Waitrose website I also found these vegetarian Christmas recipes, which I must try some time.

However, I have a different plan in store for this Christmas – stay tuned!

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