Giving Extra to Someone Special

Giving Extra to Someone Special is a campaign being run at the moment by Halifax.  They asked me to take part by sponsoring a gift for a person close to me.

I chose my friend Penny.  This evening we celebrated a year since she completed treatment for breast cancer. What better occasion for a gift?  Throughout Penny has coped with it so well.  She was just so brave and an absolute inspiration.  It’s not been easy of course, and she still lives with the changes it has brought,  but she is truly amazing.

I bought her a purple felt hat and matching leather gloves.  The hat has a touch of the flapper about it and suits her beautifully:


We drank celebratory cocktails in the Gilbert Scott.  It was too dim to get any photos unfortunately, but the drinks were fantastic.  I also fell in love with the popcorn they brought with our drinks – in smoky butter flavour, yum!

Thanks Halifax, but most of all thank you Penny, for being amazing.

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