Three-cornered leek pesto

I received a tip-off last a couple of weeks ago about a patch of wild garlic near my office. So one day I grabbed a colleague and we went for a “walking meeting”. We’re right into that sort of thing where I work. It was a good chance to catch up about his current workload, and the side benefit was picking up some free food on the way.


When we got there, we discovered it wasn’t actually wild garlic but three-cornered leek. Three-cornered leek is a type of wild onion, which grows in abundance from early to late spring here in North London. I grabbed armloads of the stuff, while a bemused resident looked on from his balcony three floors above.


Running group that evening gave me a great excuse to carbo-load on my return, so I whipped up some pesto and cooked some tagliatelle.

I used a stick blender to whizz up a few handfuls of the (washed) onions with a generous amount of olive oil, some pine nuts, and plenty of Parmesan cheese. I stirred the cooked pasta into a pan of wilted onions, added a spoonful of pesto, and stirred in a handful of peas.

I finished it with a little lemon zest.



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