Project Storecupboard

I had my friend Steph around for dinner recently. We have realised we’ve known each other for almost twenty years now! Old friends can tell you the truth, and when I opened the cupboard to get some sweet chilli sauce out (we were eating The Londonder’s egg fried “rice”) she said “Sarah! You have way too much food!”.

She’s right. This week fellow blogger Foodstinct has been doing a “shop free week” and tweeting the tasty-looking results. I’d eaten almost everything fresh before going away, but inspired by his example I decided to have another crack at working my way through my excess storecupboard ingredients.

I’m moving home soon, so this will mean I have less to pack and hopefully I can save some money in the process. My first meal, the day I got back from holiday, was this:


Ottolenghi’s black pepper tofu. I’d had some tofu sitting in the fridge for a while. There were a few spring onions in the bottom of the fridge, and I had just enough shallots too. I had a bottle of kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) but there’s still plenty left – any ideas? And I served it with some jasmine rice – not quite using it up, but stay tuned for my next post and you’ll see what I did with the rest.


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