Project Storecupboard – the list

Project Storecupboard is underway.  I thought I would ‘fess up and reveal the contents of my cupboard.  Hopefully making this public will help keep me on track!  I’ll update this as I use stuff up.

Dried beans/pulses

Tinned food



Miscellaneous dried goods



Miscellaneous baking


Too many to list and most are very useful, but I want to get rid of:

  • Sweet soy sauce
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • HP sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Coconut sambol

It really does feel quite shameful seeing it all written out like this.  But hopefully useful – does anyone want to join in?


19 thoughts on “Project Storecupboard – the list

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  13. The oats and sunflower seeds might work in a soda bread? I quite often use 1/2 flour, 1/2 whizzed up fine oats to make soda bread and it has a nice dense texture that works really well with soup.

  14. Ooh that sound delicious – though actually I’m not really trying to use them up. I use the oats and sunflower seeds in my granola, so when I run out they’ll be there ready to make the next batch!

    I suppose the good thing about this exercise is that I’m starting to identify cupboard staples, that I always need to have, and other things that I may either want to avoid buying or make sure I use up when I do buy them.

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