What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

Nacho cheese!

Awful cheese jokes aside, my mission to get through my storecupboard ingredients continues, with… can you guess?

I soaked the kidney beans overnight and cooked them the next day. I happened to have a jar of salsa in the cupboard so added them, as well as a small tin of sweetcorn to make the beans for my nachos.


They ended up just like the tinned “chilli beans” I used to buy in NZ.

I also had some corn chips to use up (I was a victim of one of those “three for two” offers), perfect. Topped with cheese, a few minutes in a hot oven, and then some avocado on top:


I still have a tin of corn left, but I have a plan for that – it will have to wait for next week now though. To check on my progress go here. I have some great ideas to use up the rest of the list, so stay tuned.

Does anyone else have any good cheese jokes?


One thought on “What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

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