Cheating is not eating

Last night I got home from work and decided to have a baking blitz (I’ll pay for it with tomorrow’s spin class – is there a more painful form of aerobic torture?). There were two obvious choices for the ingredients I had on hand – Bakewell tart and a nice dark ginger loaf.

I love Bakewell tart. I finally had Bakewell tart in Bakewell a few months ago and I’m afraid I was a bit disappointed with the offering there – it came with icing on it, which made it too sweet, and there was too much almond essence. Buy a good quality essence I say, and halve the amount any recipe says or omit it completely. It’s full of almonds anyway.

Here’s the bit where I cheated. Firstly, I used shop bought pastry instead of making my own to use up more flour. And then I didn’t have any baking beans (you know, the ceramic ones)… but I did have a lot of dried beans. So, while I didn’t actually manage to use up the ground almonds or white sugar and I had to buy raspberry jam to make it, I did manage to use up the black-eyed beans!

I used the BBC’s recipe (omitting the icing, of course) and it turned out really well. I don’t think I cooked it for long enough, but I quite like it that way, even if it’s triggering a slight allergic reaction due to the almonds still being a bit raw…


In the interest of using things up I also went with the time-honoured tradition of turning leftover pastry into jam tarts – in this case, mini jam tarts.


I also made a ginger loaf using this recipe, although I meant to use this one. I got distracted with both windows open and made the wrong one – oops! I didn’t use the topping and I didn’t really like the syrup – I usually drizzle with melted honey and lemon juice.  I thought I had my own ginger cake recipe up here but I don’t – I’ll have to post it up here one day but I didn’t use it this time as it’s reliant on ingredients I was already out of, like glacé ginger. This cake used up the golden syrup, and most of the muscovado sugar.



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