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Originally from New Zealand, I have been living in the centre of London for the past five years and have no plans to leave! I like to make the most of living in the city, whilst also trying to live a low-impact life as much as I can. In fact, cities can be very sustainable places to live – we take up less space, use less energy, and travel shorter distances.

I love to eat, which led to an interest in cooking and later an interest in gardening. I’m lucky enough to have a little community garden plot and manage to grow a small bounty on my fifth floor balcony too.

I work in sustainability and am currently studying for an MSc in Food Policy – my dissertation is due later this year. I try to keep some semblance of a work-life balance and inject a little glamour into my life from time to time!

I am a crafty type and I knit compulsively but I have never yet made my own yoghurt – it’s definitely something for the to-do list though.

This blog is mostly about food and drink, with little forays into sustainable living, crafty endeavours, natural beauty, and small-space food growing.