Carrot and lentil soup

I have a glut of carrots to use up – I already had a bag of carrots in the fridge when my first veg box arrived with another bag of carrots. Now I have my second veg box and another bag of carrots! I’ve managed to use up the nonorganic carrots and about half of the first bag of organic carrots. The organic carrots taste fantastic. They are super sweet. The nonorganic carrots had a sort of metallic aftertaste that the organic ones don’t have at all. I think I need to buy a grater so I can make some carrot cake!

Quite a few of the carrots went into this soup:


Soup for vampires

This was my attempt to recreate the beetroot, parsnip and horseradish soup I used to eat across the road from my old work. It ended up a bit different but tasted really good and the texture was lovely and thick.


It’s all gone now, so time to rummage through the veg box for something else!