I’ve been holding out on you…

You see, on Friday I caved and ordered my new camera, a Canon 450D. And on Saturday it arrived! Then it poured with rain all day and there was nothing to take photos of. I’ve been gradually getting used to it during the week though and tonight I took the training wheels off and used it in full manual mode for the first time! But more on that later. First you get a photo I took of my lovely flatmate Kashmira:


Isn’t she beautiful? (and pink?)

I also sort of ran a dorky competition on facebook to come up with a name for my camera. So now thanks to Ben it is called Henri, after Henri Cartier-Bresson. Awesome idea.

I promised a photo to the winner so Ben gets some pudding:


(yeah, I could have stuffed around getting the lighting right but my pudding would have gone cold!)

Um, sorry you didn’t get to actually eat any, Ben.