Saturday was the 65th anniversary of D-Day, so a few of us celebrated by going to the Blitz Party. I’ve mentioned going there once before, but that was back in March, when we were experiencing a cold snap, and I mean cold. We ended up chickening out and getting a taxi home, which I never do.

Now that it’s June, the weather was a lot better, although a little colder than it has been – perfect for wearing those seamed nylons and not overheating. The venue has also changed again – now it’s much much closer to Old Street and easier to find. It was absolutely rammed inside, I kind of wish they’d sold fewer tickets so there was a bit more room for dancing. The cocktails were excellent – one of my favourites being “The Blitz” which is made with vodka, elderflower cordial, lemon zest and champagne.

Everyone was dressed beautifully with the men in uniform or suits, with plenty of pencil moustaches in evidence as well! The women all had the most amazing hair and beautiful dresses.

I have a photo of me before we left home:


Putting the outfit together was fun – I bought the hat first from JBPackrat on Etsy (no link as it’s down for maintenance, but go there – very affordable vintage accessories!). Here’s a better picture of it:

One of my hatpins was handmade by the wonderful Sarah W, and I bought one from Radio Days Vintage on Lower Marsh.

The dress is from The Observatory in Greenwich, which has far more sensible prices than any of the central London vintage shops.

Recycled polyester slip from M&S – I’ve been really strict on the whole shopping ethically thing this year, so when I went to M&S and they only had polyester slips I didn’t really want to buy one. They had some slinky poly that felt ok though. So then I went on the web and found out the slinky feeling stuff was actually recycled polyester, and no new petroleum products had gone into its manufacture. That ticked enough boxes for me to buy it – but I wonder why there’s no garment label saying it’s recycled?

Seamed holdups from House of Fraser, and finally the shoes:
are Clarks, but purchased at the British Heart Foundation shop in Camden.


3 thoughts on “D-Day

  1. I’m really really jealous, I wanted to go to a Blitz party so much. Men in suits are probably one of my favourite things. Combine that with forties attire and I’d probably have a heart attack! I hope they’ll still be doing these in a years time when I come back from France!

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