Breakfast Club #4: British

Breakfast Club: Because breakfast should be more interesting than tea & toast or coffee & cereal.

This month it’s my turn to host Breakfast Club.

Breakfast Club is a  food blogging event hosted by Helen from Fuss Free Flavours and Sarah from fingers and toes. We love breakfast and want everyone to enjoy better and more interesting breakfasts.

Each month one of us will choose a theme and then post the round up on the last Sunday of the month.

So far we’ve had:

Breakfast Club #1: Asian
Breakfast Club #2: Eggs
Breakfast Club #3: Muffins (link to announcement – entries close on Sunday!)

You still have a few days to make some muffins and email Helen – I’m hoping to still find time to enter myself! I was planning on making English muffins, but I may make something different now. However that did get me thinking… So this month’s theme is British.

There are so many options here. English muffins, crumpets, Scotch pancakes, a full English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish, kippers, porridge, Marmite or marmalade on toast.


There’s going to be a breakfasty prize for this one – more info on that later! Entries close the last Sunday of the month, 26th September. I look forward to seeing what you all make.

To recap:

Make breakfast inspired by the month’s theme, write about it (please include a link in your post to both hosts’ announcement or blog – Helen’s announcement is here)

Mail the host for the month, (sarah dot e dot moore at gmail dot com) with a link to your post, name of your blog and a photo (or link to your photo) by 6pm (UK time) on the 26th September.

If you do not have a blog send a recipe and photo to the month’s host who will include it in the round up.

Tell everyone – let’s inspire each other to make more interesting breakfasts!

ETA: we have a prize, people! Kellogg’s is running their National Breakfast Week promotion next week and have kindly offered us a lovely breakfast hamper to give away. We’ll be giving it to our favourite EU entrant by a completely impartial judging process which may involve the Kellogg’s people or may just involve random numbers. Either way I promise you don’t have to be a close personal friend to win. And look at those teacups!


ETA: Kellogg’s have just sent a link to their latest ad, which is kind of cute. My morning routine is somewhere between the two.  I tend to eat my homemade granola with yoghurt (and recently, chopped strawberries) while I’m making my lunch.

Also, I’ve decided how the competition will run.  I’m going to open it up to commenters on the round-up post (not this post).  Anyone who enters a recipe will get 5 entries (which I will assign numbers to), commenters will get 1.  Then I’ll use a random number to pick the winner – if the winner is someone outside the EU, I’ll keep picking random numbers until we have an EU winner.  Clear as mud?

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