Frugal February

I blinked, and a new year began. Now it’s February and my poor little blog is looking a bit neglected.

A quick recap then:

    1. January was Dry January. My parents were here for Christmas and New Year’s, and left on the third, so Dry January did not start until then for me. I managed to keep it up until Burns Night, when I allowed myself a medicinal hot toddy, but apart from that stayed dry the whole month.
    2. I decided February’s challenge would be Frugal February. I’m rediscovering student food. I took a trip to the new Unpackaged to stock up on lentils and beans, and I’ve been eating a lot of root vegetables and saving a lot of money. I’ve also been a complete social hermit, which can be blamed on point
    3. I am currently working four jobs. Yes, four. I’m quite excited about the fourth. After my dissertation finished I revived my knitting pattern business and released two patterns, one of which I’ve been sitting on for over two years.

Loophole is a chunky, reversible hat that can be worn slouchy or with the brim folded up, beanie-style. The shaping is worked without any decreases – instead clever folding and grafting forms the “loophole” which looks the same whichever side it is turned to.

Click here to buy now.


The Snow Day Socks, named after recent weather patterns, are a snuggly pair of slouchy socks. They are knitted toe-up and with short-row heels, so they are excellent for practising these techniques. They work up quickly in one of my favourite yarns, a 50/50 blend of alpaca and wool.

You can buy the Snow Day Socks pattern here: buy now

The creative juices are flowing so hopefully it won’t be so long before my next pattern release. And I promise I won’t leave it so long before posting here again.